Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fusion gone wrong

Chicken pot pie, with their golden crust and rich gravy slowly oozing out, has always tempted me. The only halal pot pie we could find was a frozen product from Canada. A bite, and then grand disillusionment. The gravy tasted of maida and margarine, and the crust was soggy with a strange aftertaste. Yet, the temptation remained in my mind. Meenakshi's fusion theme inspired me to try out an Indian version of pot pie.

Leafing through a cookbook, a recipe for country style pot pie with baking powder biscuits instead of the regular pie crust caught my eyes. Spiced up chicken curry with crisp biscuits, that can't go wrong, I thought. Maybe I could shape the biscuits into a henna pattern. Excitement. Little did I know that a greater disillusionment awaited me.

For the filling I made butter chicken curry and added vegetables for that pot pie feeling, so far so good;just before I poured in the sour cream sauce a little voice from within told me to add some tandoori masala too, for that color and extra oomph. And I obeyed the voice. Mistake no. 1? Two teaspoons of baking powder for a cup of flour, said the recipe for the biscuits and I followed it .Mistake no.2 ? Or did I accidentally add more baking powder? Biiiig mistake.

How did it turn out? Awful.

The biscuits tasted like baking powder, they were crisp and fluffy and all, but tasted simply like a mouthful of baking powder. The stuffing proved that when playing with spices, there has to be a balance- throw in tandoori masala to a perfectly spiced up curry and you get something you don't want to swallow. It was 'modified' into a pretty decent curry the next day, but the biscuits had to be thrown away. I was not willing to see the little birds that come by our home everyday turn into baking powder biscuits, hence resisted the temptation to save the biscuits for the birds.

Such hopes! Such disaster! Life!


Ashwini said...

oh you poor dear! best laid plans and all that!

BDSN said...

Oh you poor thing....You are not the only one in these sort of things...Many a times I have tried stuff and they have all gone bad and I would have to throw them out..but keep tryin and one day whatever u do will b the best!!!

Sarah said...

I am now growing old as well.. forgot to put baking powder in the muffin mx yesterday and only remembered after I poured it in the muffin pan.. remedy Involved taking it out of the pan, beating agian with B.powder
Few days ago.. I was making pound cake and after the 6th egg, i got carried away..I saved the egg shell in to the batter and threw the yolk out!!! such is life..

Reshma said...

Thanks for your boundless sympathies and shoulders to cry over Ashwini and bdsn...more napkins please...;)

immigrant in canada,he he,won't life be drab without such twists?

Vee said...

hey look at the bright side,now you know what NOT to do next time.:)

seriously, wouldn't cooking be a drag if everything turned out perfect everytime and every experiment turned into something delicious?...where is the fun in that?

RP said...

ohhhhhh I hate it when disasters happens. Its very common in my kitchen too.
By the way, I think this is my first time visit here. Loved it.