Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Colours for your baby: Avocado and Cherry

Purple for breakfast and green for lunch

Bring in the colours to your babies your diet - that's an easy way to make sure baby gets a variety of food and help you from setting into a pattern feeding your baby the same old food everyday. I didn't think of avocado as a feasible baby food until I came across this site. High in fat and calories avocados are a boon to babies who are busy all day climbing stairs and crawling all over the house. They can be served as such or mixed with other fruits. Cut the avocado into halves, remove the seed, scoop out the flesh and mash it with a fork. You can wrap the other half in a plastic foil and store in the fridge for a day or two and mash it when needed. To make watery fruit and vegetables puree thicker and easier to feed, add a spoon ful of mashed avocado.

This week we got some sweet juicy cherries. Last evening my other-half fed our baby a cherry from his hand, and she eagerly ate it all up and clamoured for more. What relief when baby asks for food! Today morning she had pureed cherries with oatmeal cereal for breakfast, and made it known that she really likes this new food with a toothless grin. To puree cherries remove the seeds and cut the flesh into small bits. Add a little water and simmer it until its soft, and mash it up with a spoon or use the blender. To detect allergic reactions to new food, make sure you introduce them one at a time. (More on food allergies.) Have a colourful day!


Fecho said...

Thank you, Reshma, for visiting my blog and leaving a few kind words. It became awfully neglected lately both by me and my visitors, so it is nice to know when someone has a peek. :) Of course, I was curious who this kind person is. Wow, did I ever get pleasantly surprised. Rashma, you are a real poet! I will link your Red Mahandi page to my Musing Space page.

But back to kitchen talk. Did you know that it is recommended to keep the pit of the avocado in the stored half when you wrap it? The seed apparently keeps the flesh from turning brown.

Reshma said...

Great tip Fecho. am going to try that, browned avocado certainly isn't appealing:)

Adi said...

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